«We want to promote riding holidays worldwide that are driven by passion and genuine interest for the interaction between horses and humans, and who can convey knowledge about horses and riding in a responsible and ethical way – on the horse’s terms. Furthermore, we want to be a driving force to raise awareness and contribute to change among those who do not show the same concerns»

    Rideferier AS is a travel agency specialized on horse riding holidays, and was established based on our own passion for what we do – horses and travelling.

    We have a close partnership with our suppliers, and create tailor-made travel arrangement for the individual traveler based on riding level and requirements. We have something to offer for all riding levels, whether you are experienced rider or if you have never ridden before.

    We have a strong focus on supporting only horse-friendly destinations, and hand pick our partners based on a set of criteria we have established. This means that our list of destinations may not be the largest one on the market, but on the other hand you can be sure that the establishment you visit has the horses’ welfare as the number one priority.

    We believe that it is not only the riding itself our customers are looking for, but also the connection and the communication with the horse as well as meeting inspiring horse people. The riding holiday must give us something more than just the riding. When we look for new potential partners we have this in mind, and aim for those who go above and beyond with that extra passion and respect for these great animals we are so lucky to spend time with. The ones who stand out by giving good quality living conditions for the horses, have responsible values and who want to communicate these to others.

    Our list of criteria for horse welfare on our destinations: 

    • The horses should have as much freedom as possible and be outdoors with space to move freely in all gates the major part of the day. Here they should have access to clean, fresh water and shelter.
    • The horses should be together in a herd, unless there are special circumstances which makes this difficult (stallions, illness, injuries etc.)
    • The horses should get forage at least 3 times a day, or access to grazing, in quantities suitable for the horse’s digestive system.
    • The horses should be physically fit and strong enough to carry their riders without discomfort. This requires good feeding and correct training.
    • The equipment should be correctly fit without causing discomfort to the horse.
    • The horses should be followed up regularly with healthcare as well as dental- and hoof checkups.
    • Training of the horses should be based on positive communication and mutual respect.

    Who are the people behind Rideferier?

    Elisabeth Flåterud Kaasa

    Owner an General Manager

    I have 12 years of experience as a travel consultant and specialist on tailor-made arrangements, and am proud to finally be able to call myself the founder and CEO of Rideferier AS. This has been a dream of mine for years!

    I am very detail oriented, and love to match the customer needs to the best suitable travel arrangement. I don’t like taking shortcuts in that area, and it gives me great pleasure when it is a perfect match! Through Rideferier I get the freedom to play matchmaker with destinations of my own choice, so I am entering this role with high expectations that I should be able to create a number of magical experiences on horseback.

    Horses have always been a big and important part of my life, and after a few years’ break when having children, I am now back in the saddle. I will never give this up again! Luckily, both my daughters have grown up to become riders themselves and we get to share many beautiful moments that way.

    You can read more about my background with horses and my philosophy here; My Story

    Elisabeth Kaasa Rideferier

    Ann Kristin F. Sillankorva

    Partner and Content Manager

    I am a partner in Rideferier and mainly contribute to photography and social media. Horses and photography are two of my passions in life!

    I grew up with horses, but had a break for many years until I had a daughter who wanted to start riding. Now I can’t stay away!

    Most of all I love to go trail riding and the sense of freedom this gives me. I also appreciate just spending time with the horses, and I get plenty of opportunities to do that through photography.

    Ole Henrik Kaasa

    I have a background from IT, am co-founder of Rideferier AS and a travel enthusiast. I love to travel and explore new places, preferably those who are not «mainstream». I am no horseman, but with a wife and 2 daughters who ride, I have had to give riding a try a couple of times during our holidays.

    My contribution to Rideferier AS is mainly IT-related, but I am also responsible for the filming and photography when travelling to our destinations. Besides from that I can give you a different perspective when it comes to the riding holidays, as I quite often explore the areas we travel to in other ways than by horseback.