Riding holiday in Canada – a new destination in our portfolio

Riding holiday in Canada

I am constantly on the lookout for new destinations that fit into the concept of Rideferier.no. This time I have found a place in Canada that has everything I am looking for; Campbell Hills Guest Ranch.

As previously mentioned, I look for destinations which have that little extra, with a belief that the horses should be allowed to be horses. This means that the horses should live as natural as possible, together in a herd with lots of space to move. It is also important that they have an ethical approach when it comes to handling the horses, and that this is a focus when it comes to educating both staff and guests.

Natural Horsemanship

Campbell Hills Guest Ranch is built on the principles of Natural Horsemanship. Some of you may be sceptical when you hear  «Natural Horsemanship», and I believe these principles have gotten an undeserved bad reputation. You may picture dominant «quick fix» techniques, and horses that are chased around in a round-pen until they are exhausted and submissive.

Natural Horsemanship, the way I see it, is something different than that. Bernadette from Campbell Hills Guest Ranch explains it in a good way;

“At its core, natural horsemanship is simple; it means working with a horse instead of against it. Trainers using natural horsemanship techniques make sure to banish their own ego, and create a partnership with the horse, building trust and understanding along the way.

At Campbell Hills Guest Ranch, we take natural horsemanship one step further. We believe it’s important to always let our horses be horses. We never lock them up in box stalls or isolate them from their herd. We allow them to exist as close to how they would in the wild as possible. Our horses roam freely on 160 acres of private land because we know that horses are extremely social creatures and need a herd for survival and safety. Even domesticated horses need this. It’s in their genes. Horses that are kept in box stalls eventually develop health issues, because they are being forced into a life that does not allow them to be exactly what they are”

Riding Holiday Canada

Trail riding

Trail riding is the main activity at Campbell Hills Guest Ranch, and they welcome riders of all experience levels. The horses are ridden in western saddles, bitless and barefoot. During the summer it is also possible to take the horses for a swim if you are balanced enough to ride bareback.

On arrival, you are assigned a horse for the duration of your stay, and you are encouraged to get involved in all activities such as grooming and saddling. This way you get to know your horse, and you’ll get a whole different experience than if you would just handle it when riding.

Take a look at the Campbell Hills website here.

The ranch will soon be included in the list of holiday destinations at rideferier.no

I guess we’ll have to travel to Canada pretty soon!