Cortijo Los Lobos

Location: Malaga, Spain
Closest airport: Malaga (40 min)
Horses: 14 horses in total. 8 of them are used for riding.
Discipline:  Trail rides.
Number of guests: Usually max. 5 riders at a time on trail rides. A capacity of 19 guests in total.
Season: All year
Level: All levels from beginners to experienced riders.
Weight limit: 90 kilos

Cortijo Los Lobos is located by the village of Villanueva del Trabuco in the province of Malaga and is owned by the British couple June and Clive. They offer trail rides for day visitors and overnight guests.


June and Clive have the welfare of the horses as the number one priority and have rescued several horses and given them a new chance and a better life on their farm. You can read the story of each of the horses on their website.

The horses are ridden bitless and barefoot – something they have found is the best solution for them and their philosophy. They teach their guests to ride by the principle «less is more», and that the horses work better on long reins. This style of riding has made their horses steady, calm and sensitive to the lightest touch.

To show as much consideration for the horses as possible they have recently decided to only do trail rides in walk. Instead of the constant chase after cantering, guests are taking time to enjoy the scenery and create a bond with the horse. This is one of the reasons why they are becoming very popular with nervous or older riders who want to build their confidence on horseback.


Cortijo Los Lobos has 2 Spanish style cottages for rent, in addition to 1 apartment and 2 guest rooms. In addition, there is a heated pool with sunbeds and a jacuzzi. Guests can choose self-catering, half board or full board after preference.
Details of each accommodation type can be found here; Cortijo Los Lobos accommodation.


The rides vary from day to day, depending on the time of year and the riders in the group. During the hottest season the rides are maximum 2-3 hours, but in the cooler months, they may go out for longer. Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome, and they will walk alongside or lead nervous or novice riders.

There are picnic hacks during the summer, early morning for breakfast (2 ½ hrs), and late afternoon by sunset (3 ½ hrs) Non-riders can be brought to the picnic site by car.

In addition to trail rides there are regular clinics on different topics related to ethical riding and horsemanship and to help people become more confident with horses and riding. These are provided by experts in their fields.


The horses live outside together as a family all year with access to shelter from the heat and rain. When it comes to the size of the outside area, the horses don’t have space to roam around in endless fields, however, they do have enough space to move freely in their paddocks.

Bitless, barefoot and training by using positive reinforcement are keywords at Cortijo Los Lobos. A lot of time and effort is invested in each horse to create happy and steady companions.


Cortijo Los Lobos is suitable for all ages and experience levels, but particularly for novice and nervous riders who need to build confidence on horseback.The place is also suitable for families and groups with non-riding members, as the location is central but still secluded. There are several activity options nearby and the busy tourist areas of Malaga is only 45 minutes away.

Note that the trail rides are usually done in walk, working on the connection with horse and rider and enjoying the beautiful scenery rather than focusing on speed.

Our ethos is to love the horse – we train and ride using positive reinforcement, bitless, barefoot and treeless. Our rides are all about building a bond with your horse, enjoying each others company  whilst out on the stunning mountain trails
June Wolfe – Cortijo Los Lobos

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