• Safari by horseback in South Africa and Botswana

    “Horses – our first love and passion! For nearly 25 years, our philosophy has entailed managing our horses as a free roaming herd within large tracts of natural pasture, rather than in stables or paddocks.”

    Go to Horizon Horseback
  • Dancing with horses in the Caribbean!

    «If we understand the importance of the spirit of the horse, the horse feels that connection, and it is then not an animal that is an object, rather he becomes our teacher and he’s respected”
    Stina Herberg

    Go to Yurumein Horse School, St. Vincent
  • Natural Horsemanship in Portugal

    “My passion is teaching humans a better way to be with horses. My courses include lots of groundwork and theory and also some riding. I believe that we need to understand the horse really well in order to build a connection.”

    Sandra Dias da Cunha – Sundance Ranch Portugal

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  • Discover India by horseback!

    «We have improved the living conditions of not only our own horses, but those within our influence. It is our passion!»
    Caroline – Horse India

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  • Eco luxury in Croatia

    “Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch works hand-in-hand with several conservation organizations, as well as local, regional and federal government in developing sustainable, environmentally responsible programs that benefit all”

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  • Showjumping in Italy

    “I believe that when the horse doesn’t do something, always there is a reason. He does not understand, is too scared or has pain. If you really consider things like that, then everything you do, you will do in the right way.”

    Luca Moneta

    Go to Luca Moneta Horsemanship
  • A hidden Oasis in Spain

    «Our ethos is to love the horse – we train and ride using positive reinforcement, bitless, barefoot and treeless. Our rides are all about building a bond with your horse, enjoying each others company whilst out on the stunning mountain trails»

    June Wolfe – Cortijo Los Lobos

    Go to Cortijo Los Lobos
  • Classical dressage in Portugal

    «One of the most important equine “muscles” to be trained is the mind. We don’t control, we teach.”

    Pamela Wieser – Naturarte Boutique Hotel

    Go to Naturarte
  • Beautiful scenery and historical paths in Tuscany

    “Our horses live in small herds on 100 hectares of pasture land, in complete accord with their natural needs.
    We have particular attention to respect for nature and horses which we consider as partners and colleagues in our adventure”

    Go to Il Cornacchino

Welcome to Rideferier!

Rideferier AS is a travel agency specialised on horse-riding holidays.

We offer horse-riding holidays to destinations around the world to customers in the Scandinavian market.

We work closely with our suppliers and tailor journeys for the individual traveller based on experience level, so wether you ride dressage or showjumping at a high level or if you have never ridden before, we have something for you.

Animal welfare is very important to us, and we handpick our suppliers based on a set of criteria we think should be in place.

When we look for new potential partners we have this in mind, and aim for those who go above and beyond with that extra passion and respect for these great animals we are so lucky to spend time with. The ones who stand out by giving good quality living conditions for the horses, have responsible values and who want to communicate these to others.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and help you create a magical journey on horseback!

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