Il Cornacchino – Italy

Location: Castell’Azzara, Tuscany, Italy
Nearest airport: Rome (2,5 hrs)
Horses: Around 60 horses in total. Appaloosa, Maremma, Haflinger, Berber and mixed breeds.
Discipline: Trail rides (Western), Natural Horsemanship
Number of guests: Capacity of 26 guests in total. Max. 8 riders on trail rides.
Season: March – November
Level: All levels from beginners to experienced riders

Il Cornacchino is a small, charming Italian farm located in the nature park of Monte Penna in Tuscany.
The property has several traditional Tuscan style farmhouses, originally from the 1800s, which have been renovated as guest houses in the recent years. With its great location between Grosseto, Siena and Viterbo this is a great base to explore the fantastic region of Tuscany.


Il Cornacchino was established in 1992 by Ezio, Guilio and Fabio as a result of a shared passion for horses. They are the backbone of this place, and with over 25 years of experience they have gained a unique knowledge about what they do and they are very much involved in the day to day activities. Their philosophy «fit for all» is the foundation of the activities, and they welcome guests of all ages and experience level. They want their guests to experience a friendly and relaxed atmosphere rather than a traditional hotel experience,

Being an organic farm with a sustainable focus they are committed to using high-quality Tuscan products produced in their own region as well as vegetables from their own gardens. This is a part of their philosophy of life; Good, Natural and for Everyone.

When it comes to the horses, they are mainly trained under the management of Fabio. Their training method is called Natural Western focusing on trust, patience and harmony between horse and rider. This way of training in combination with letting the horses live as natural as possible, lays a great foundation for developing safe and cooperative horses.


There are 13 guest rooms in total at Il Cornacchino in addition to a secluded camping site.

On overnight trail rides, the guests are accommodated in tents or in guests houses along the way.

The restaurant serves traditional Tuscan dishes, prepared with a passion for local traditions and high-quality ingredients. The menu will vary from day to day depending on seasonal availability and which guests they have at the time. As expected when in Tuscany, there is always wine at the table which is included in the stay.

In addition to the restaurant, you will find a bar/cafe, a public area with fireplace and internet, pergola, garden and meeting room facilities.


The main activity at Il Cornacchino is western style trail riding, and they have a varied program to offer.

Guests who want to use the farm as a base can participate in 2-hour trail rides arranged on a daily basis, morning and/or afternoon.

Those who are ready for longer expeditions, but still want to stay at Il Cornacchino overnight there is a program called «Taste of Trekking». This is a 1-week program where you ride out for 2-hour rides during the first 3 days, followed by a 3-day expedition. The horses spend the night at the end location of each days journey and the guests are taken back to Il Cornacchino. On the final day, you will ride back to the starting point. This is a very nice alternative for beginners and those who want to experience a taste of the historical routes the area has to offer without having to spend the night away from the farm.

For the more experienced and adventurous riders there are several exciting options, such as Etruscan Trail where you ride through the ancient paths of the early inhabitants of Italy, and the Maremma Trail where you get to work with cattle and horses accompanied by the Tuscan cowboys.

In addition to the riding program, there are specialised courses offered; Natural Horsemanship basic training, Natural Western Riding, Working Ranch Week and others. The courses are held by Fabio Tascone who has over 30 years experience as a horseman and instructor. His focus is on the use of body language to communicate with the horse as efficiently and subtle as possible and how we can build trust between horse and rider.

The programs can be found in detail on their website.


The horses at Il Cornacchio live as natural as possible together in small groups outside on large pastures. This gives them the socialization and movement they need to thrive. There are several different breeds; Appaloosa, Maremma, Haflinger and Berber in addition to mixed breeds.

The horses are ridden with western saddles and are trained according to Fabio’s principles of Natural Western, focusing on trust and communication. A lot of the training is done out in the countryside to make the training as interesting as possible for the horse and at the same time build valuable experience.

Adopt a horse

Il Cornacchino is the home around 60 horses, and among them are a few individuals who can no longer work due to age or physical issues. To be able to give as many horses as possible a good retirement they are involved in a project called «Ensure a sheltered life» with the non-profit organisation Oltre it Crine. Several adoption programs are available, from one-off donations to more active and long-term adoption agreements.
Information on the adoption programs can be found here.


Il Cornacchino is suitable for all ages and levels, either if you are a single traveller, travelling with friends or family or as a team building activity, The varied program matches their philosophy which is «fit for all». With its beautiful location in Tuscany, it is also great in combination with other activities and places of interest in Italy such as Rome or a beach holiday.

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