Ippos Molyvos

Location: Lesvos, Greece
Airport: MJT
Horses: 8 horses – mixed breeds
Discipline: Trail rides is the main activity, but also dressage and jumping on request
Number of guests:  Min. 2 / Max 8
Season: March to October (other months on request)
Level: Different programs for beginners and experienced riders
Website: www.ipposmolyvos.com

Ippos is owned and run by greek Rita, and is located in the small village of Molyvos at the island Lesvos in Greece.

Molyvos is a beautiful Greek village with lots of gorgeous stone houses under a spectacular medieval castle. Many of the houses are built in the old Turkish style. The village itself tapers down to a small but busy fishing harbour, full of colourful local rowing boats.  Numerous tavernas and cafenions (Coffee shops) are situated on the edge of waterside.

Rita has been offering riding holidays since 2012 after she finished her masters degree in tourism and marketing. She wanted to work with horses rather than having a corporate career,  and now offer trail rides for tourist on this beautiful island. Her background with horses is from England (BHS), but she has also incorporated elements from Natural Horsemanship in her way of training horses.


Rita is passionate about horse welfare and the local community. Unfortunately there is still a way to go when it comes to animal welfare and gender equality in Greece and she wants to influence this in a positive direction. One of her initiatives is to invite the local children to her farm to learn about horses and riding – boys and girls together,


The riding holiday programme offered is a  7-day itinerary, and there are different programmes for beginners and experienced riders. Start up is usually on Saturdays, but other days can also be arranged.


Day 1
Get acquainted with your horse, introductory meeting, small lesson to check out the horses.

Day 2
Excursion Bafios, 4hrs in the saddle, 20klm, this trip goes along the sandy roads of Molyvos to Bafios uphill, amazing scenery, we stop at a local café for a beverage.

Day 3
In the colder season
Excursion Ipsilometopo, 5hrs in the saddle, We pass through a steep path to Bafios where some off-horse walking is required (5mins), once we get to bafios a sandy road will take us to Stipsi village where we will take the asphalt road for 2klms to get to Ipsilometopo, where refreshments will await us in the local tavern.

In the warmer season
Swimming with the horses. 1.5hr ride to the beach, swimming 30mins

Day 4
Excursions Molyvos Race track 2hrs in the saddle, we explore the back roads of Molyvos, passing by the local race track for a gallop

Day 5
Excursion Petri 4hrs in the saddle, we take the back road of Molyvos to Petra, steep hills, passing through archeological sites of ancient watermills, rivers that run all year round and we stop at the tavern of Petri for refreshments.

Day 6
Excursion Sk. Sikamnia 6hrs in the saddle. Day trip, starting in the morning through the sandy coast road passing by Eftalou hot spring waters. We arrive in the afternoon in Sk. Sikaminia where we stop for lunch, swim in the sea and exploring the harbor village until the afternoon where we take the same root to go back to Molyvos.

Day 7
Day off. Lesson available at the yard

For beginners the programme will consist of riding lessons the first days, and shorter trail rides towards the end of the stay.


Accommodation at Theofilos Hotel or Bella Vista Hotel
(5 minutes by car from Ippos. Transport is included)

Both are  4* hotels with swimming pools and close to beach.


The horses are mostly Haflinger and arab cross-breds, about 150-160 cm in height. English saddles (western on request) They are used to rough terrain and are sure footed. Several of them are also schooled in dressage and jumping and are used for riding lessons.


Ippos is suitable for those who want to combine a holiday by the ocean with riding. The riding is usually in the mornings, so you will still have time to other activities in the afternoon.
If you long to go swimming with horses you will have the chance to do the here during the summer season.
This is also a good choice if you travel with family and friends who do not want to ride as Molyvos is a very nice holiday destination in itself with beaches, cafés, restaurants and excursions.
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