Luca Moneta Horsemanship

Location: Uggiate Trevano, Italia
Nearest airport: Milan
Horses: around 70 horses in total
Discipline: Showjumping, Natural Horsemanship
Season: All year
Level: All experience levels, from beginners to advanced.

“My objective is to practise this sport with a natural approach, as it is the only one you share with an animal. For this reason, I continue to tell my students that if one day we stepped in a riding centre it was because of the love for horses: we must not forget it, shows and results come after and should always come after. Our heart should keep beating as the first time we met a horse.”

With these values in addition to being a world class showjumper, we are particularly proud to be working with Luca Moneta.

Untraditional methods

Luca has been an active showjumper since he was a teenager, and also has a long experience as a riding instructor. He competes regularly i the big international shows and is a member of the Italian team in many nations cup competitions.

Many may have noticed him in the show jumping community. He stands out from the crowd with untraditional methods and a distinct focus on a natural approach to training and care – always with a smile and gratefulness towards his horses.

CNN met him some years ago after seeing him perform;  «The Carrot Man´s Unusual Methods»


Even though several of his horses are top athletes he tries to give them as natural living conditions as possible. Lots of space to move around in freedom in large pastures with other horses is a high priority. Many of the horses are also barefoot, even when competing.


The training is varied and can be adjusted to all levels;
– Jumping lesson
– Ethology lesson
– Liberty Horse lesson
– Round Pen lesson
– Bitless lesson (also jumping)
– Preparation for show
– 2 days clinic (groups)

Luca has a fantastic team who are also doing a lot of the teaching. You can choose to have your lessons with Luca or his team, or a combination. You can also choose between private- or group lessons. We will tailor the training program individually.

The riding center is located Uggiate Trevano in the beautiful Como region in the north of Italy – only 45 minutes from Milan. There are around 70 horses in the center, both private- and school horses. There is an indoor- and outdoor arena and large paddocks/pastures.


There are no accommodation facilities at the riding center itself, so guests will stay at a nearby hotels. Since this is close to Lake Como, there are many nice alternatives to choose from in different price levels.

The most exclusive alternative we have to offer is Tenuta De L´Annunziata only a few minutes from the riding center, with luxurious spa facilities and pool.

Other suggested alternatives;
Hotel Villa Fiori
Posta Design Hotel

We will create package with hotels and riding arrangement,  so contact us for tailored arrangement to suit your  preferences.

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