From hobby to business

I have been thinking about it for a long time, and now I have decided to take the leap. I am going for my entrepreneurial dream.

The company, Rideferier AS has been established and I am well into the planning stage. This will be the first Norwegian travel agent specialized on horse riding holidays! Today serves as a private website containing blog posts and travel reviews, but this will soon move on to be a sales channel.

My long experience as a travel consultant and the last 5 years where I have worked as an accountant is a good mix of experience to bring along. If you add a tiny portion of midlife crisis in addition to a passion for horses and a desire to create something on my own, everything should be lined up to give this a try.

I am not going to go completely bananas so I will do this in addition to having a regular day job, but with reduced working hours. I have long term goals behind this, and it is very important to me to choose my suppliers carefully. The focus will still be on the suppliers who stand out with good values and go above and beyond when it comes to the welfare of their horses.


I have never started a business before, so there are a lot of things to consider in this process. To establish a company is surprisingly simple, but then there is all the other stuff. If you are going to run a travel agency in Norway you have to be in compliance with the big and scary Package Tour Law. This is first and foremost a security for the travellers as it regulates the responsibilities for each party. Pursuant to the Package Tours Act, all organizers of package travels must also provide security covering their obligation to refund monies paid and for the repatriation of the consumer in the event of the organizer’s insolvency. If you don’t have this covered you are not allowed to market package tours  – it is as simple as that. To get guidance around legal matters I have established a membership in the Norwegian trade organization, Virke. They have been very helpful so far!

A company also needs good accounting procedures, and I have been looking for an accounting software system to cover my needs. I have chosen Fiken for this purpose as it is very user-friendly in addition to being up to date on new technology. I am very pleased with this so far!

In Buskerud where I am located, we also have a very useful resource for entrepreneurs; «Etablererveiledningen i Drammen».  This is a local organization working to help entrepreneurs in the process all the way from having an idea to being well established in the market. They arrange a variety of courses and workshops and is also an arena where you can meet other entrepreneurs. I am getting a lot of inspiration and ideas from this network!

The important and supportive suppliers

Then, of course, there are the great group of suppliers I have made agreements with. These are the core of it all, and they are cheering me on and support me along the way;

Linden Tree Retreat, Sundance Ranch, Naturarte Boutique Hotel, Cortijo Los Lobos, Il Cornacchino.

The website will be updated and the launching date will be set soon.

So,  I am not quite there yet, but for sure I am going to enjoy this process along the way! It just feels fantastic to have made the decision. Why can’t I do this when so many others can?


I have a motto that pops into my head a lot these days:

«I know it is going to be solved – I just don’t know how yet!»


Wish me luck!




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