Hello world!

Have you ever felt that burning feeling inside to do something so strongly that you just HAVE to act on it one way or the other? That gutted feeling by the thought of giving it up? In that case, you know where I am coming from.


Welcome to Rideferier.no. This is my thing – this is my passion!


Riding Holidays – on the horse’s terms

It is very exciting to finally be able to publish this website, focusing on a subject that I have been passionate about for many years; Riding Holidays – on the horses’ terms. Riding Holidays is a small niche, and by limiting it even more to only include the best in class makes it even narrower. That doesn’t mean it is less important.

The ones that go above and beyond

There are several tour operators out there offering riding holidays, and even though there are some bad apples among them, I am sure that most of them have good intentions and control of the quality of the destinations they sell. I, on the other hand, want to take it one step further and promote those places who go above and beyond – that extra passion and respect for these great animals we are so lucky to spend time with. The ones who stand out by giving good quality living conditions for the horses have responsible values and who burn to communicate these to others. Meeting these people is incredibly inspiring, and I want to share those experiences with you!

A portal for horse-friendly holidays

Rideferier.no is not a tour operator, and I don’t have any income for what I am doing with this website. The thought is that this is going to be a portal where horse-enthusiasts can go to find horse-friendly and inspiring travel destinations no matter which level they are at. I have established a few criteria as a basis for what I would consider being horse-friendly, and I am using these for reference when I am looking for establishments to promote. You can find these criteria on «About Rideferier.no»
I am not saying that the riding establishments that don’t fulfill all the criteria are irresponsible and that they are neglecting their horses, but I think that many have the potential to improve, both suppliers of riding holidays, and riding centers in general.

It is time to challenge the established

I have an open mind, and I try to always look at an issue from more angles than one. My starting point is that it is usually a sensible explanation for most things and that most people you meet have good intentions – until proven otherwise. Some may think that is a little naïve, but that is how I choose to meet the world.

Another part of me is very critical and curious, and I often raise questions about things that are presented to me. When it comes to horses I am questioning a lot of things about the established and widely accepted pattern. Why are we doing what we do? Is it ok to use whips, spurs, tight nosebands and other physical tools? What gives us the right to do that? In my opinion, the old «show the horse who is the boss» attitude must be challenged. Shake it up and get some new perspective.

Blog posts and selected destinations on this site will probably be influenced by critical views, but I aim to have a positive focus and to promote horse-friendly values. You are welcome to comment and share your views on the topic!

What will you find on this website?

In addition to building the portfolio of destinations worldwide (yes, it may take some time), I will write blog posts on a regular basis. These will be about riding holidays, events and news from the holiday destinations, presentation of new destinations and thoughts about horses in general. I hope you want to join me on my journey!

If the blog isn’t crowded with readers and comments at the beginning that is also ok.
I have taken the first steps!

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