New riding holiday destination coming up; Cortijo Los Lobos, Spain

Riding Holiday Spain

When I found Cortijo Los Lobos in my search for horse-friendly riding holidays, there was no doubt that it fit into the concept of

The place is run by the British couple June and Clive and is located in the Malaga area in Spain. Here they offer trail rides for day visitors and overnight guests.

You can visit their website here; Cortijo Los Lobos.

Rescue horses

June and Clive have saved several horses from bad living conditions and given them a new start and a better life. On their website, you can read the story of each horse, and it is not hard to understand that they are genuinely dedicated to the horses’ welfare;

«In the September of our first year in Spain, we went to a horse fair in a town about an hour away. A stupid thing to do really – it was pretty obvious we were going to want to ‘save’ all the poor horses being paraded about.»


Bitless and barefoot

All the horses are barefoot and ridden bitless, something they tried out as a result of one of the horses being terrified of the farrier and extremely cautious of its head. They decided to try her barefoot and bitless, and they got such good results that they transferred it to the rest of the horses as well. The horses are ridden according to the principle “less is more”, and they teach their guests to ride with “smiling reins” (long reins) and to be relaxed. This makes the horses more relaxed as well as you can transfer a lot of tension to the horse through tight reins. They can also teach you to ride without a bridle completely – only by using a neck rope (cordeo)


The trail rides vary from day to day and depend on the time of year and which riders they have in the group. During the warmest months they ride out for a maximum of 2-3 hours, but in the cooler months, they may go on longer rides. They welcome all ages and ability levels and can lead or walk alongside beginners if needed.

Riding Holiday Spain


Cortjo Los Lobos has two traditional Spanish style cottages for rent in addition to one apartment and two rooms. There is also a heated swimming pool and jacuzzi. You can stay on a self-catering basis, halfboard or full board – whichever you prefer.

I haven’t visited this place myself yet, but based on the correspondence I have had with June, there is no doubt that this place is on my list of places I want to try out. I am looking forward to getting to know them better!

More details about Cortijo Los Lobos will be published on my website shortly.


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